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Dairy & Horse Farms

You would be hard pressed to find a better pest control operator* than Staring's Pest and Rodent Control. We'll earn our keep - climbing, crawling and getting dirty. And we close gates! We are specially qualified having 40 years experince working around horses and 15 years working on dairy farms. These accounts are very enjoyable. The animals, the smells, the outdoors... Read more »


For the best pest control operator to meet your specific needs - the most experienced* and qualified - you need Staring's Pest and Rodent Control. From Rotterdam to Troy, From Clifton Park to Albany, Our reputation for excellent service precedes us. Read more »

Rats, Mice and Other Rodents

Not only do rodents spread salmonella and hanta virus through their feces, they are also the main carriers of ticks onto your property.

Rodents Do a Lot of Damage

Rats and mice are known to get into garbage and food stuffs looking for food. But you may not have heard about all the chewing they can do inside your walls and crawlspaces. They can gnaw on wood, insulation, even electrical wires causing a serious fire hazzard. Read more »


Roaches are very good foragers, which brings them into frequent contact with people. Anywhere there is food and water, you may find cockroaches. They can enter a building through doorways, window, cracks in walls, or boxes and luggage carried by people. There are three common cockraches infesting this area: American, German and Oriental. See the pictures below. Read more »

Commercial Pest Control Services

Because on the traffic of packages, food, trash and other items attractive to pests, retail spaces and restaurants face big challenges in keeping their locations free of cockroaches, rats and mice. Pigeons can even cause big problems to health and safety. Read more »

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