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Rats, Mice and Other Rodents

Rates and mice are historically infamous for carrying disease and destroying property...

Not only do rodents spread salmonella and hanta virus through their feces, they are also the main carriers of ticks onto your property.

Rodents Do a Lot of Damage

Rats and mice are known to get into garbage and food stuffs looking for food. But you may not have heard about all the chewing they can do inside your walls and crawlspaces. They can gnaw on wood, insulation, even electrical wires causing a serious fire hazzard.

Don't Tolerate...

To exterminate rats, mice and other rodents for you, Staring's Pest and Rodent Control will:

  • Find their entry points,
  • Use baits and traps to elimate them,
  • Tell you how to exclude rodents, and
  • Give you prevention tips

Call to Rid Yourself of Rodents...