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Cockroaches have always been an expensive challenge in the business world...

Roaches are very good foragers, which brings them into frequent contact with people. Anywhere there is food and water, you may find cockroaches. They can enter a building through doorways, window, cracks in walls, or boxes and luggage carried by people. There are three common cockraches infesting this area: American, German and Oriental. See the pictures below.

Nothing Says, "Yuck" Like Cockroaches!

In the sourthern U.S. people are much more accustomed to these insects, because they are able to live in the wild. In the great Northeast, they must live indoors and are associated with filth. Not only do they get into food and leave their droppings and eggs, but they emit a foul odor. Cockraches are a problem for various reasons, including:

  • They contaminte food
  • They bite and infest the body
  • They carry bacteria that cause food poisoning
  • They caues allergies and asthma
  • They're embarassing

There are many ways to control cockroaches, but one thing is for sure - you will need professional help to formulate a plan of attack.

Make Your Move Against Roaches Today...