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Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!

With increase in global travel, these pests are making a comeback. You do not have to put up with these little monsters. Take a look for these signs around your home, especially where people sleep: Read more »

Spiders, Silverfish and other Insect Pests

Most spiders in New York are harmless. But brown recluse spiders are a concern because of their nasty bites. They are uncommon here, but it is possible to come into contact with one. Your spider is NOT a brown recluse if:

  • It is crawling in a web,
  • It jumps,
  • It has bold colored markings,
  • Is hairy, or
  • It is very large

Read more »

Whitmore Pest Control - Denver, CO Area

A full service pest control company providing services for homes, gated communities, rental properties, retail establishments, offices, and restaurants. Wildlife control. Read more »

Preparation Sheets

As a convenience to our customers, we have put together some informational sheets to assist home and property owners, landlords and tenants in preparing for their pest control service. They can be downloaded and printed from any computer. (Adobe Reader is required.) Read more »

Postcards are Coming Soon!

Keep an eye on your mailbox for our newest discount postcards. We are again offering a great discount for our most loyal customers. We know that money is tight for everyone, so the prices of our pest control services will remain the same for this year. Read more »

Pest Control Service Handbook

We provide comprehensive pest control services for both homes and businesses. We have extensive experience treating restaurants and retail facilities for cockroaches, rats and mice in accordance with health department standards. We also keep homes free of bees, wasps, ants and other household pests - preserving personal property and keeping families safe and healthy. Read more »

About the Starings

The Staring's have been in the business of protecting people and property from harmful and disase spreading pests since 1984.

Over 50 Years Combined Experience

We use the latest pest control techniques and materials to get rid of all manner of insects and other nuissances - the first time! Continuing our treatment recommendations can keep pests away for good. Read more »

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