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Spiders, Silverfish and other Insect Pests

For now on, the itsy, bitsy spider can crawl up someone elses water spout...

Most spiders in New York are harmless. But brown recluse spiders are a concern because of their nasty bites. They are uncommon here, but it is possible to come into contact with one. Your spider is NOT a brown recluse if:

  • It is crawling in a web,
  • It jumps,
  • It has bold colored markings,
  • Is hairy, or
  • It is very large

Silverfish Are a Minor but Common Nuisance

These little guys are so-called because of their silver appearance and fish-like movements. They are often found near water, such as in the bathroom. They are harmless to humans, but rough on linens, towels and books.

Tick Borne Diseases are Preventable

Did you know that the best way to eliminate ticks from your property, is to control mice? We are experts in lawn and outdoor pest control for the elimination and prevention of ticks and other arachnids.

What Else is "Bugging" You?

As our slogan suggests, you don't have to "tolerate" small insect pests in your home or business - not any of them. Don't assume anything! Call Staring's Pest and Rodent Control to see what we can do for you.

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