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Bees, Wasps and Hornets

As Beautiful as These Creatures Are, Many Are Dangerous and Honey Can Make a Mess in Your Walls...

There are many types of bees and wasps. Knowing which species your have on your property is helpful because:

  • Only certain species do damage to property
  • Some live alone and some live in colonies or nests
  • Some are aggressive others are not
  • People are usually allergic to certain types of bees and not others
  • Different feeding habits make some more likely to be a nuisance

The Wonderful World of Wasps

There is great variety among wasps. Most epople are aware of yellow-jackets, which nest in the ground, feed on picnic food and sting people quite often. But there are docile species such as mud daubers, which make unusual tunnels on buildings. These rarely affect people at all. It's a good idea to identify what type of bee or wasp you have on your property so it can be handled the correct way.

Leave Beekeeping to the Professionals

Sometimes honey bees will swarm when their colony grows too large for their homes. This usually happens at an apiary (beekeepers) because wild honey bees are very rare these days. When they swarm, they are looking for a new nesting site. They may try to take up residence in your house, garage or other out-building. In this vulnerable state they may be aggressive. Never try to get rid of a swarm on your own.

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